Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Winter 2019, family, cows and kids!!!

Hello everyone!
It has been a while since we have posted and updated you all on the events and happenings here at Big Guy's Farm. So we are sending out some new photos to share with you about how we are progressing on the farm. It has been a long winter and like all of you much to do and walk through but we keep persevering through. But we have a good report to put out about the family and animals. All are growing and walking the walk with great strides in this new year.
The nine calves we have are growing very well and and healthy. Their moms and siblings are doing well too. All our momma cows are pregnant again with babies due in the early summer and fall. Maverick (who is our abandoned calf from his mom) is doing awesome with the herd and adjusted quite well with them. He responds to his name and will come to you when you call him by name! We believe he thinks that Big Guy and I are his parents!! He is a joy to be around and fun to love.
We had (what seems to us as late from the past several years) with starting the maple syrup season. But we are off to a good start and very excited to produce excellent maple syrup for all of you and offer our skincare. The boys boiled today and are now in the woods to check for any damage from the wind storm that just passed through our neck of the woods. Many prayers went out through the storm to ensure that we would have a hedge of protection from the wind and its potential harm!
Our grandbabies are growing rapidly just like our calves. Avery is in UPK at school and goes 1/2 day and Kennedy is 9 months and starting to walk!!! They truly are amazing and what fun they are and we so enjoy spending time with them. We were just talking this morning about having them join us more on the farm when the weather breaks!!! Our adult children are all going about their daily lives and learning more about life and the daily learning curve of adulthood! We enjoy them all and love helping them maneuver through life.
Guy and I are doing well. We have long days and have had much time apart lately due to him helping a fellow farmer with milking chores in the early mornings. The farmer's hired hand had a heart attack so Guy stepped in to help out for a season. So we are just catching up with time together while preparing now for the sugar season which means more balancing of time together and getting our work done!
Well friends, may this find you well and progressing yourself in good things with your family and that we all continue to do what is right and love where we are at while we walk into where we are going.
See photos below!!
Love and Be well,
Guy and Wendy