Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Guy and I invited..

We want to thank the Hill and Dale Garden Club for inviting Guy and I to their meeting last night. And a special thank you to Diane Arnold who called us with the invite and your kindness at our arrival in Binghamton. We were asked to share about our maple syrup production, our story and developing farm. First, we started out with samples of our maple syrup, then each person was able to try some of our Face/Body cream on from our skincare line and then we took off with sharing our story. This is the first time that Guy has spoken publicly to a group and I must say he did a great job! Starting group off with his beginnings in his grandfather's sugar house, describing what he saw and what he smelled as a child that set the course of his life time journey of making maple syrup to this very day. He even had them laughing a few times. It was a wonderful experience to have my husband by my side and us taking turns sharing with the group who we are and what we do together. Our son Jake, was unable to attend but we made sure to tell the people how instrumental he is in the business and that we would not be where we are today without him working with us and we truly are a family in business. We shared our maple syrup offerings, introduced them to our skincare line, our published children's book, and tees with our farm characters on them. We ended the talk with allowing questions from the group and that led to thoughtful questions from them and many sharing their childhood memories with us of farm life and making syrup with their grandparents. I had a reflective ride home with a smile in my heart knowing where we had been, what we shared and that we are truly doing and walking out what God has planned for us. We are blessed! www.bigguysfarm.com

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