Thursday, August 9, 2018

Welcome Samuel!

Welcome Samuel! Born to Suzie yesterday. Suzie is a first time calf heifer. And both are doing well but there is a story behind her and her sister Belle. First, Suzie and Belle (you will find their baby picture as the last photo to view) we brought them home at 3 and 5 days old. For those of you who have followed the development of our farm will remember we started with none to two then so on in just three years! As Belle and Suzie grew they expectation would be that they would both me long time members of the farm at producing calves. Belle took right off and is now just had her second calf that you see in the photo. But for Suzie, she did not take to pregnancy easily. We were even told by a few to beef her as she is costing us money and not producing. But with prayer and determination to not give up on her we gave her four tries. Three were artificial insemination and the forth and final try was with a neighboring bull that spent time with our herd. And behold three years later, Suzie is a very devoted momma of Samuel! Which is a Bibical name and the name of a prophet in the Old Testament of the Bible. We are so blessed. Now Suzie and sister can raise their babies together. And so you know that shortly after the birth of Samuel, Belle ventured her way to Suzie to stand close and support her sister. So Big Guy's Farm is growing rapidly and our calves are daily seen leaping in the pasture together and our growing herd in a family of unity.

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